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St. Albert Breakfast Lions Club - chartered in 1969
Md C-District C1
St. Albert Alberta Canada
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****Attention**** ****Mark Your Calendar**** **** Attention**** The 26th Annual Lions Beer & Bean Bash - April 29th 2017 The two St. Albert Lions Clubs are hosting the 26th Annual Lions Beer & Bean Bash, on April 29, 2017 at the St. Albert Community Hall, 17 Peron St. - a silent auction, dinner, and dancing to a life band to add to your enjoyment. Ticket sale information to follow: You can have a great time and further assist the St. Albert Lions Clubs in service to the community, by joining us at the Beer and Bean Bash in the St. Albert Comunity Hall 17 Peron Street on April 29, 2017. Majority of the event's profit will go to support St. Albert Victims Services (Supported by St. Albert Breakfast Lions Club) and Community Refugee Committee of St. Albert (Supported by the St. Albert Lions Host Club) Tickets for the 26th Annual Lions Beer & Bean Bash, April 29, 2017 go quickly - ticket details to follow. For pickup of auction items contact: Lion Gerry - 780.459.7751, Lion Paul - 780.459.5509 Lion Jeff - 780.458.7561, Lion Fred - 780.406.2286